Spatial Audio Labs brings Immersive Sonic Experiences to everyone!




There are always limitations, difficulties, obstacles, but when an installation has the right immersive audio, the entire experience reaches another level of quality and immersion!

Spatial Audio Labs is able to create content for any bespoke location-based experience, and making it so flexible that can be easily transported and re-adapted in a matter of hours. The advanced Object-based technologies used, combined with first-class hardware sponsorships make Spatial Audio Labs a great collaborator for your next immersive experience

Spatial Audio Labs have been working with various international companies on Immersive Installations creation, providing:

  • Spatial Audio consultancy during scripting/storyboarding.
  • Advanced sonic experience thanks to top-class spatialisation and rendering software, combined with the best possible hardware solution.
  • Connectivity and syncronisation with external video playback systems.
  • Quick re-adaptation on-location of pre-mixed, made by Spatial Audio Labs or by third-party content creators.
  • Loudspeaker or headphones systems, or a hybrid of the two, depending on the project need.