Place the end-user inside the sonic world you imagine, whatever device they are using.


Making sure every user experiences the same exact sonic experience, independently from what device is used. Spatial Audio post-production is the process that helps the story happening, creating all the sonic elements needed and packaging them in the best possible product.

Spatial Audio Labs take care of the entire post-production process, including:

  • Video-Audio sync and editing, offering a special service that gives the ability to the director to preview spatial audio before the picture lock, giving the possibility to take sonic decisions before the picture is finally edited.
  • Immersive soundscapes design and production
  • SFX and Foley recording
  • Voice Over recording
  • Spatial Mix and Master for various platforms, such as:
    • YouTube360 and Facebook360
    • Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
    • Dolby Atmos
    • Regular and bespoke loudspeaker arrays (from 6 up to 128 loudspeakers)

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