With Spatial Audio, any XR experience comes to life.




XR experiences include VR, AR, MR, cinematic realities. These are powerful mediums able to tell stories in innovative ways, creating presence. They are in need of incredibly well-crafted and thought Spatial Audio, this is where Spatial Audio Labs comes into the game.

It’s not only a matter of tools and mixing, but amazing XR experiences are also supported by a convincing and well-planned sound production. This is why Spatial Audio Labs is able to provide the full Spatial Audio production needed.

Spatial Audio Labs have been working with various international companies on XR creation, providing:

  • Spatial Audio consultancy during scripting/storyboarding.
  • Full on-set location sound for any need and in any circumstance included Voice-Over recording on set.
  • Sound design such as:
    • Foley
    • SFX design
  • Immersive Soundscape design
  • Spatial Music composition, recording and mixing.
  • Spatial Mixing for any delivery platform available. Spatial Audio Labs is proud to say that is always up-to-date with every possible immersive delivery platform available, on the market or pre-release. This by being an active member of the worldwide academic Spatial Audio community, and always with a great relationship with the main platforms manufacturers.